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5 Critical Steps for a Successful ERP Implementation

ERP offers streamlined operations, efficiency gains in multiple areas, saved money, and more – but failing to plan can have disastrous consequences.

Small and midsized businesses tread carefully around their decision to implement a new ERP system. 


After all, doing so represents a sea of change significantly streamlined operations, efficiency gains in multiple areas, saved money, and more.


Unfortunately, some companies don't think their ERP implementation through before jumping in with both feet.

mid-market erp software implementation

This can have disastrous consequences, including halting business and losing customers. To ensure a successful ERP implementation, have the following steps in place before proceeding. 

Identify desired (but also realistic) outcomes

This includes choosing a few simple, clear goals and then making decisions that support those goals.

Define a reasonable scope with a short timeframe

It's important to see implementation success quickly for both morale and profits. In addition, goals are less likely to change during a short project, and a condensed timeframe makes it easier to stay on track.

Don't get hung up on detailed requirements sessions

Typically, these sessions don't move a project forward and are a waste of time. If you choose to have the sessions, the results often reflect "as-is" processes and fail to consider potential improvements that can occur during implementation.


Focus instead on making multiple, end-to-end iterations through the system to identify improvements.

Commit and incent your project resources to getting things done

This will prevent the implementation from dragging on endlessly - or failing entirely.


Understand your business processes

First, assemble an implementation team that understands how the business runs, then give them the power to make decisions. (Or give them access to the decision-maker.)


The professionals at Stellar One have helped many small and midsized businesses prepare for a successful ERP implementation. To speak with us in greater detail about how we can help you map out and execute the steps to a successful ERP implementation, please contact us today.

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