Meet the Stellar One Leadership Team

Out to disrupt the ERP ecosystem with a platform that revolutionizes the way members purchase, implement, and operate technology.

Richard Sellar

Chief Executive Officer

My goal is to change the way that systems implementations are done in order to enable every one of our members to realize their potential.


I am passionate about applying technology to the problems that are the most important to our members!

I love coming to work every day and seeing what outstanding people can do when given a collaborative environment and the freedom to delight our members in any way they see fit. When I am not coming up with the new ways to disrupt our business, I enjoy traveling, cooking, basketball, skiing, music, and reading (my current favorite author is Neal Stephenson).

Aaron Law

Chief Operating Officer

My day-to-day responsibility at Stellar One is to ensure our members achieve their desired business outcomes and be a trusted advisor on their growth journey.


I joined Stellar One for the opportunity to work with a fantastic team of professionals that are genuinely passionate about the member and employee experience.

It’s right there in our purpose, “help our team reach their dreams, and help our members fulfill their mission statements”. During my downtime, I enjoy watching the professional sports teams in North Texas and spending time with my wife, daughter, and two dogs.”

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