Simple Implementations for Complex Business Models.

Sign in to your new system, and begin your new environment. 

How does it work?

We use a process called Rapid Prototyping Methodology in order to quickly spin up your system and push new functionality into your instance that's unique to you.

1: Quick Setup Survey

Begin by filling out a brief setup survey. This helps us understand your business needs and tailor the ERP system accordingly. It’s quick and straightforward, ensuring we capture the essentials without overwhelming you.

2: Meet Your Specialist

Connect with your dedicated onboarding specialist. This step is all about setting the stage for a smooth onboarding process.

3: Initial Setup Tasks

Start with a few easy tasks to get your ERP system configured. These tasks are designed to be simple and manageable, ensuring you can see progress in your system immediately.

4: Automated Configuration

Let our system handle the heavy lifting. Our automated configuration process sets up your ERP system based on the information you've provided. In 30 days from start, you will be able to perform essential business operations in your new system.

5: Rapid Onboarding

Receive personalized training for your setup. This step confirms your team is comfortable with the system and pinpoints what you would like optimized further.

6: Go Live

Launch your fully configured ERP system and enjoy your streamlined business operations. With everything set up and ready to go, you can focus on running your business more efficiently.

7: Ongoing Support

Access continuous support through our member portal. Submit tickets, request improvements, and initiate new projects effortlessly. Our support team is always here to assist you, verifying your system remains optimized, secure & up to date.